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Hair care product inspired by Adivasi community traditions

Adivasi Hair Oil is designed specifically for hair care.

Our Source

Fresh herbs sourced from the dense forests of the Western Ghats, spanning Coorg to Wayanad. Made by the Adivasi Tribes, specifically the Hakki Pikki People in the Mysore Forest, Karnataka.

Our Production

The production of Adivasi Hair Oil involves a dedicated workforce of 25 individuals who play a crucial role in its creation. The entire process of manufacturing this hair oil is cost-intensive, requiring between 800 to 1000 Indian Rupees to produce just one liter.

Adivasi community traditions

Hair Growth Oil, represents a remarkable fusion of ancient wisdom and natural science, drawing inspiration from the centuries-old hair care practices of the Adivasi communities.

Brungamalaka Hair Growth Oil

A meticulously crafted hair care product deeply rooted in the traditional practices of Adivasi communities

Renowned for hair health benefits

The powerful and rare blend of 76 herbs. This unique hair oil is formulated with an array of natural, plant-based ingredients, renowned for their hair health benefits.

Nature's Touch in Every Strand

Aimed at reducing hair loss and stimulating new growth, this oil harnesses the essence of nature to revitalize and rejuvenate hair

Centuries-old hair care practices

The creation of Adivasi Hair Oil is a tribute to the rich heritage of Adivasi communities, bringing the power of traditional herbal remedies to the forefront of modern hair care.